Travel Tips For Cancun - A Perfect Destination For Your Next Vacation -

Travel Tips For Cancun – A Perfect Destination For Your Next Vacation

travel tips for cancun

With its close proximity to the Caribbean Sea, it’s a great getaway for an extended family outing. If you’re interested in a trip to Cancun, you’ll want to keep these travel tips in mind.

Most of the main tourist areas to Cancun are located within two hours of the city’s airport. If you’re coming from other parts of Mexico, you’ll want to find a taxi or other transportation so you can easily get around. Most of the taxis in Cancun are reasonably priced. They aren’t as expensive as some of the other types of transportation available in the tourist areas, but they aren’t as cheap as the airport transfer services that can be found all over the city.

Taking A Cab

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For those traveling from other parts of the country or other countries, the best way to reach Cancun is by taking a cab. Even if you aren’t planning on visiting Cancun around Christmas or New Year’s time, you will still likely have plenty of other opportunities to visit the island between June and December. When you arrive in the tourist areas, you may be able to walk to your hotel and use the airport shuttle service. If not, you’ll find that you can drive yourself to your hotel and most of the other major resorts are within walking distance or less.

The best places to eat in Cancun include any of the areas located on the island, including the Puerto Ayora and Puerto Marques. You can eat at any of these restaurants before you even step foot into the hotel zone. If you want to try something new, you might even decide to sample the local cuisine. It isn’t something that you will typically find in many other countries, but it will be a delightful experience.

The Cancun International Airport 

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Another thing that you will find in Cancun that you won’t find in other tourist areas is taxis that will drive you around. In most cases, the taxi services that will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel will be found along the Cancun International Airport or in the Puerto Ayora area. Since most of these taxis will only work at specific times during the day, you should make sure that you check with the hotel if they offer airport transfer services. This can help to avoid having to depend on a taxi in the middle of the night when you are attempting to get to your first location or place of interest.

Another of the travel tips for Cancun airport transportation that you should keep in mind is that if you are flying into the airport, you can expect to use the taxi services throughout the entire duration of your stay. If you have a connecting flight, you may not be able to do this, however it is still worth the trip just in case. Once you reach your hotel, you will want to get back before the plane lands. If you are staying at a hotel that has an outside courtyard, this may not be possible. In that case, you will need to use the taxi services that will pick you up outside of your hotel and take you back to the airport.

The Turtle Farm And Turtle Bank

Of all of the travel tips for Cancun that you should keep in mind, perhaps the best things to see are the turtle farm and turtle bank located in the Cancun International Airport. These are the first two attractions you will encounter upon arrival in the city. 

The other interesting thing to see is the Maya Grill, which serves up fabulous authentic Mexican cuisine. It can be somewhat difficult to get in to, but you should definitely stop by for some munchies once you do get in there.

Final Words

In terms of the other travel tips for Cancun that you should keep in mind is that, if you are staying with a group of friends or family, you will want to rent a taxi so that everyone can share the expenses. There are lots of companies that will provide this service along with their other Caribbean vacation packages. In addition, this will allow you to save money on the price of your accommodations and any meals that you might eat while in Cancun. As long as you are careful, you should find that there is plenty to do and see when visiting the colorful little Mexico city. After you leave Cancun, you will have plenty of time to plan your next trip to the island and everything else you will need to see.

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