Travel In Japan Without Spending Too Much On Rental Cars And Inbound Public Transportation -

Travel In Japan Without Spending Too Much On Rental Cars And Inbound Public Transportation

A sign on a city street at night

The first and foremost thing that we are going to cover in these travel tips for Japanese is safety. Since it’s the first time ever visiting Japan, there may be a few things Japanese people were clueless about. In fact, Japan is very safe. I have seen very few cases of tourist violence or crime. While traveling around Japan, I rarely saw locals leaving their belongings for long periods of time alone with no care in the world. The second thing that we’re going to cover in this blog article, is how to budget your trip and stay in cheap hotels.

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In this blog article I am going to share a little known secret about Japan that most tourists don’t know. Most of the popular tourist spots in Japan are actually expensive! The cherry blossom tree is one of the tallest trees in Japan. It’s beautiful and very peaceful to look at. One day when I was in Japan, I decided to get the camera ready and went to see the cherry blossom tree.

Tokyo International Atompark

When I arrived in Tokyo the first place I wanted to go was the Tokyo International Atompark. I didn’t even know it was an international ATM. Upon entering the building it felt like it was directly across the street from the US embassy. The place has very affordable food, ramen, and they even have ATMs inside the building! After paying at the international ATM, I walked down to the main expanse of shops and restaurants and I was surprised to see no international ATMs.

After wandering around Japan rail pass style for a while, I decided to try and hail a cab. I had heard about people getting ripped off in many places, so I expected this to happen to me. I was wrong though as I was given no choice but to hail a taxi.

Paying The Small Amount Of Money

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After paying the small amount of money I was asked for, I handed the man my international driver’s license and he guided me to a nice little table with a very attractive view of the city. The restaurant was very clean and the service was prompt and friendly. After a great meal and a nice atmosphere, I went back to the train station and looked around some more. The view was definitely better than when I had visited before.

The third and final tip is the most important one when dealing with tourists. You must take care of your driver and luggage at all times and especially at the Narita airport. The huge parking lot at Narita is always full and there are always taxis and buses available to take you to wherever you need to go. 


If you are in a rush, don’t worry because there are several well-trained waitresses who will get you out of the congestion and deliver you to whatever destination you need to go to. The waitresses are very friendly and very polite and even gave me a free drink! My best travel tips for Japan would be to go there with someone who speaks Japanese. The language barrier won’t hold you back from experiencing this wonderful and historic country. Travel in Japan by taking advantage of the services of a reliable international airport guide, by using hiragana translation software and by planning your trip with a Japanese friend or tourist.

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