Top Packing Hacks For Travelling

packing hacks

Travelling is super fun and loved by all but what comes with it is the ever-daunting task of packing. Packing is not that easy. It is not just dumping goods in your travel bag. There is much more to it. Because every last inch of suitcase counts and you don’t want to wrinkle your sweaters, break a precious bottle of foundation or worst-case scenario, lose your bag at the airport. It is important to streamline your packing to safeguard your goods. 

Plan Your Outfits Ahead

Don’t just dump your favorite jeans, shorts, tanks tops, dresses in your bag. Think wisely and go for mix and match. Try to stick to a color scheme so that mixing and matching becomes easier. Never carry something you think you might wear or something you’ve never worn before. 

Don’t Pack Soap

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Don’t bother to buy mini shower gel or a bar of soap and carry it inside a plastic baggie. Every hotel you have stayed in would definitely have had soap. Carry it only when you are travelling to the mountains or staying at homestays. If you are going for camping you might need a liquid soap. 

Deal With Your Cords And Chargers

Don’t just throw in your chargers and cords. It will end up tearing or destroying them. It is very important to treat them well as they are known for breaking at the seam of the cord to that big white surge protector on the cord. Wrap up your cords gently and store them carefully. You would also need them for sure. Incase they get damaged you would curse yourself for being unable to charge your phone or other devices. 

The Most Important Travelling Hack: Start With Lightweight Luggage

It is very important to start with luggage that’s lightweight. This was you don’t need to pay up for extra baggage.  Use a bag or trolley which is lightweight itself or else it will add up to the unnecessary weight. Old luggage your grandparents which have been passed down might be very heavy and is not a good option to carry. You can also use a bagpack because it is a very lightweight, hassle-free and easy to carry option. It is perfect for camping and trekking. Look for lightweight luggage, that looks good, is expandable, and the design has taken organization into account.

Keep Your Liquids Together

Keep all your liquids together to have them together and easily accessible. Think about these things while you are packing to save on stress and annoyance. Pack up all the face wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc together in a pouch and repack it in a plastic pouch. Make sure these are doubly packed to avoid their spillage and any destruction of your food items and clothes. 

Laptop Safety

Usually, people are not very careful with packing their laptops. This might end up in a grievous problem. Don’t just throw it over in your luggage. It might just end up destroying or scratching your laptop. 

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